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Jinkies! Let’s Go Mum chats to Velma about all things techy and Scooby-Doo Live!

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Velma is super-smart and techy, lately she’s been busy with a new digital mystery which will see her and the Mystery Inc. Gang heading to Australia this July to help solve it. She had a moment to chat with Let’s Go Mum about the paranormal activity she’s been detecting here and the orange sweater situation.

Velma, Scooby-Doo is one of our absolute favourite shows – it’s wonderful to be able to interview you, and we have a stack of questions to ask you!

So Velma, what have you been up to lately? 

Well, funny you should ask. I’ve been hard at work programming a new App, it’s called Spookify and it is used to detect ghosts and other paranormal activity. Well, it will be used for that, I still haven’t ironed out all the bugs, but the initial data I have been downloading indicates there no ghosts in the current vicinity. Actually, maybe its still not working… jinkies! 

How did you get so smart?

Well I do try hard at school, and I enjoy learning new things. Mostly I am just determined decipher the clues and solve the mysteries we come across in a day to day lives. I think maybe I was born this way! 

Is orange your favourite colour?

Of course it is, I have a whole closet full or orange sweaters! I just love it, orange is the best colour because it makes you happy. 

What sports do you like?

Sports? Oh, I was never very good at sports… but did you know Chess is a sport? So there, that would be it – Chess – Chess is my favourite sport. 

Does Scooby-Doo really eat that much?

Between me and you, jeepers, both Scooby and Shaggy eat a lot. They’re always drinking milk shakes or eating Scooby snacks, and when they’re not eating, they’re talking about food. They are food-obsessed! 

We really love cats – do you love cats or just dogs?

I love all creatures great and small, although I do suffer from allergies so some of those really fluffy cats can cause me to sneeze and fog up my glasses, which can be very annoying, especially when I’m looking for clues. But generally, yes, all animals are our furry friends. 

What are you planning to do next?

We’ll were heading down under to visit our friends and help solve an unusual mystery. An all new technology company has hatched an evil plan that could spell out the end of classic video games forever! But don’t panic, the Mystery Inc gang and myself are on the case. 

Have you been to Australia before?

Oh yes many times, we love your country and everyone is so relaxed. We just can’t wait to visit again? 

Hey Velma, are you the greatest mystery-solver in the world?

Well, ahem, I wouldn’t say that. Although my success rate in getting to the bottom of things is pretty high. If only I could get this Spookily App working properly… 

Do you ever get time to relax?

I’m relaxing right now, aren’t I? Unravelling a good mystery is the way that I chill.

Do you have different types of glasses (other than the ones you always wear!)?

These are my preferred spectacles, true, but I do have a number of different glasses for different occasions. Most recently I received a pair of these Boggle Goggles, months before they came out, I just haven’t quite figured out how they work yet. But I’m sure I will in time for my trip to Australia.

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