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5 Things You Loved about Octonauts Live!

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It’s safe to say that our Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield production was a hit with you, all our Octocadets—young and old.

When we toured last year for the first time we knew it was going to be something special, especially because it was brand new production for us, and close to home—the Octonauts’ adventure was set in the majestic Great Barrier Reef and produced here in Australia.

It was so exciting to see all the little ones get right in to it—singing, dancing and just having fun! Everyone was pumped to “Explore, Rescue and Protect” with their mighty sea heroes.

Now thanks to you our awesome fans, our Octoanuts Live! Operation Reef Shield show has been nominated for What’s On 4’s “Best Children’s Live Entertainment” award! But we still need your help!

If you can please spare a moment to vote for our Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield show, you will help us develop more world-class family entertainment for Australian audiences.

Just click through the link and vote here:


Scroll through to “Best Children’s Live Entertainment” and select “Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield

Your vote would be so appreciated!

So what did you LOVE about Octonauts Live?

1. The Bubble Machines

Need we say more? We went all out, because why do bubbles half-heartedly? We had 4 bubble machines on set! You can never have enough—yep, we take our bubbles seriously. Plus, it added to the underwater feel and got everyone out of their seats and popping them as they floated to the audience.

“It was engaging & my son loved it. The only thing that was missing was MORE BUBBLES!

2. The actual Octonauts

It was pretty cute when we saw a lot of priceless OMG expressions in the theatre from excited little ones who couldn’t believe that their idols, The Octonauts, were right there on stage. Our fans recognised the characters instantly in their colourful costumes—all eight of them made an appearance!

“I loved the different ways you brought the Octonauts to life, large characters, puppets, screen etc. Master 3 was enthralled the whole time, the pace didn’t slow (guess that’s what mum liked as his attention didn’t wander).

3. “Once upon a time…”

The story goes that the Octonauts went on a mission to save the Great Barrier Reef from the Crown of Thorns Starfish. Did they save the reef, or did the starfish get there before the Octonauts did? What was the Octonauts’ grand plan? So the plot thickens… Little ones like a well-told story, it keeps them excited and it sounds like this Octonauts tale was a hit.

“It’s got an educational storyline that introduces the problems faced by our Great Barrier Reef at a level relevant to my child. For me, great entertainment!”

4. Singing and dancing

It’s always a bit more fun when the audience can get involved and are happily bopping along to the music. Asides from some of the familiar Octonauts tunes, (who doesn’t recognise that theme song?), our team added some original songs too. We’ll admit there were a few catchy ones in there. Anyone want to sing in the kitchen again with Kwazii and cook some pirate pies?

“It was good seeing their favourite characters on stage, singing and dancing along with them.”

5. Interaction

Octonauts Live! is now in 4D! Ok, maybe not, but there was a great interactive element that kept everyone interested. It was all happening on stage—the LED screen, the 52 puppets and audience participation. You might even remember when Captain Barnacles asked the audience to move along with the crew as everyone hopped into the Octopod to join the mission.

“Really enjoyed that it Interactive with audience and the screen to highlight that the submarine was moving.”

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