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How to throw a PAW Patrol party

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By: Nickelodeon staff, Nickelodeon Parents

We love this post from Nickelodeon Parents. If you’re thinking of throwing a PAW Patrol party for your little fan, here are a few tips to get you started.

Get the party on a roll from the first guest to the last goody bag and good-bye!

Your little one’s PAW Patrol party is sure to be pup-tastic! Just stick with us and follow our nifty guide for the big day:

Step 1: Invitations

Get the ball rolling by sending out these PAWty invites to send to every guest. Let your little one help fill in their name on each card.

Make your PAW Patrol invitation here  

Step 2: When Guests Arrive

Greet your guests with a big smile and have a designated area for jackets, bags, and presents. Hand out party hats featuring the PAW Patrol pups! Each party guest can choose their favourite pup.

Make your PAW Patrol party hats here

Step 3Time to Chow Down

As guests get settled hand out “pupcorn” holders filled with a healthy treats for kids to munch on.

Make your PAW Patrol “pupcorn” holders here

Step 4: Game Time

Let your little pups take a stab at our PAWsome spin on the classic party game, Pin the Tail on Skye or Pin the Badge on Marshall!

Step 5: Cupcakes? Try Pupcakes!

Gather everyone around the table to sing “Happy Birthday” and have cupcakes dressed up as your preschooler’s favorite pups! Use our treat toppers and pupcake wrappers. Oh! and make sure they eat them on this color-able PAWty placemats.

Step 6: Goody Bags and Goodbyes

Send party guests off with a doggy bag of treats that will get their tails wagging. It’s the perfect party parting gift!

Make your PAW Patrol goodie bags here

*This post was originally published and sourced from Nickelodeon Parents, full article reference HERE

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