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6 Ways To Survive A Jelly Flood

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We all know that sometimes magic doesn’t always work out in the Little Kingdom. Weird and wonderful things happen, and jelly floods seem to be just one of those little disasters. But next time another jelly flood erupts we know what to do.

1. Bring some spoons

Nothing wrong with eating some jelly for dessert, and it tastes good! Make sure you pack a couple though; you might lose your spoon in the flurry.

2. Ride an inflatable floaty

As you would in the pool, why not ride your favourite floaty and just enjoy the ride. You don’t know when the jelly flood will subside so you may as well enjoy it.

3. Wear a raincoat

Jelly does get sticky, so you may as well be prepared for it. Nothing worse than feeling all icky and wet after a downpour.

4. Find some aliens 

If you remember the episode, “Picnic on the moon”, Nanny Plum accidentally creates a jelly flood instead of magic jelly. Luckily they befriend some aliens on the moon who love to eat it. So if you’ve got some alien friends, make sure they’re on speed dial.

5. Know your magic spells

There just has to be a magic spell that reverses jelly floods! If you know what it is let all the fairies at the Little Kingdom know, it will definitely come in handy. We’ve heard that the incantation, “Thunder and lightning north winds blow. Magic spells, away you go” could work.

6. Strike a deal with Queen Ant

We all know that ants are such sweet tooths, they have a keen sense of honeydew and sugar. In the “Ant Hill” episode, ants steal some of Ben and Holly’s belongings and take it to Queen Ant. To stop, Nanny Plum helps strike a sweet deal with Queen Ant that involves plenty of jelly! Got any ant friends? Make sure they’re around for the next jelly flood!

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