5 Things You Need To Know About Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom

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  1. Gaston acts like a dog
    Yes, Gaston the Ladybird in all his glory flies and looks like a ladybird, but also displays canine features. He barks like a dog, pants when happy and loves fetching little sticks.
  2. You can never have too much jelly
    Sometimes Nanny Plum’s magic doesn’t quite work out and when that happens a flood of jelly explodes. Jelly party anyone? Yummm!
  3. Humans are ‘BIG’ people
    In the Little Kingdom everything is very, very small. So the elves and fairies don’t like to be stepped on by ‘big’ people (aka humans). But sometimes they are stepped on by accident. Lucy, a human girl, or “big person” to the residents of the Little Kingdom, is friends with Ben and Holly.
  4. Nanny Plum is multilingual
    She claims to speak difficult languages such as Mole, Aardvark, Ant, Centiped and Alien. She also translates for Gaston quite often, so you could probably add Ladybird to Nanny Plum’s multilingual list as well.
  5. Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom was created by the team behind Peppa Pig
    Many of the actors who lend their vocal skills to characters in Peppa Pig also work on Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. Pretty cool! In one of the Peppa Pig episodes when it’s Peppa’s birthday, Princess Holly is on one of the cards in the background, and when Peppa borrows a book from the library it’s a Princess Holly book.

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