5 Things To Do at Peppa Pig Playdate

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In case you missed the news, the ULTIMATE Peppa Pig experience, Peppa Pig Playdate is coming to Australia for the first time ever!

And you’re invited to journey into the world of Peppa Pig and her friends for a fun and unique interactive play experience.

1. Jump on bouncy Muddy Puddles

We all know how much Peppa Pig loves her muddy puddles, and at Peppa Pig Playdate your little ones can jump on all the bouncy muddy puddles.

2. Meet Peppa Pig

Who doesn’t want to meet Peppa? She’s the main attraction, and you’ll get to have your own 10min Playdate, and even take a photo with her. How cool is that?

3. Visit Peppa’s House

We’ve all seen the TV show and know of Peppa’s yellow house on top of the hill , secretly we bet you have wanted to see the real thing. At Peppa Pig Playdate you can go inside and take a tour of the house to see what it really looks like.


4. Watch a live show at the Main Stage

Let’s sing and dance along with Peppa Pig and her friends, watch them perform on the main stage every hour—join all the fun!


5. Ride on Grandpa Pig’s Train

Hop onto Grandpa Pig’s Train and see the whole experience whilst playing onboard


Want to see what else you can do at Peppa Pig Playdate? Read more and find tickets at www.lifeliketouring.com/playdate

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