How London’s West-end meets the East, in Peppa Pig Live! for the first time

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Peppa Pig fans know her as the loveable and cheeky pig with an adorable snorting laugh who loves to play in muddy puddles. She doesn’t go far without her friends, her cute little brother, George and of course Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Together they find themselves in all kinds of exciting adventures while having balls of fun.

Bring all of that energy live on stage, and little fans get a whole other experience outside from the popular TV show. That is where Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt bounces in with interactivity through songs, dancing and puppetry, bringing Peppa Pig and her friends to life.

So where will Peppa Pig’s next adventure be?

For the first time Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt will be touring the Philippines and Singapore in a new theatrical production from Friday 1 May – Monday 1 June. They will sail the seas as they set off on Grandad Dog’s boat on a piratey treasure hunt while they uncover clues, with Pedro Pony and Zoe Zebra helping along.

But there’s more to be taken from the family-oriented Peppa Pig Live! production. Through fun, and incidental learning the show allows children to explore their imagination and pick up on social values and relationships—take Peppa Pig and her sweet disposition towards her parents and piglet brother, George.

Children are also encouraged to think for themselves and be curious about their surroundings—from why they have to go to school to why you have to go for work, the show presents daily activities in a manner that they can easily understand.

Are you in? We hope you’ll be joining their adventure too, oink oink!