Pirate cooking with Kwazii in the Octonauts kitchen

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We had a lot of fun responses from our latest competition about what piratey delights you’d cook with Kwazii the cat. Here’s a bunch of some the keywords of the cool recipes you said! Looks like piratey seaweed, biscuits and fish delights are on the menu!

There were also some other cool quotes that we couldn’t resist sharing with you. Thanks for the cool recipes that you all came up with. What do you think?

“My son would cook seaweed spaghetti because he loves to slurp it up!” – Abby. C

“Orange slice and jelly pirate ships and cocktail Frankfurt in pastry peg legs” – Amanda. K

“We would ask Tunip for his recipe for kelp souffl√© or fish biscuits! All the Octonauts & their friends seem to love them!” – Eliza. M

“We’d like to cook shipwreck logs (chocolate rolls sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles)!!!” – Elizabeth. L

“Black Beard Barramundi Biscuits or Walk the Plank Pancakes topped with Scurvy Syrup” – Grisell. M.C

“Lobster meringue pie, swashbuckle snot blob stew and slime eel sundae, with a whisker shivering seaweed slushie.” – Martha. S

“Ah me hearties, would love to cook walk the plank stew, treasure filled pastries and pirate booty shakes with that scoundrel Kwazii.” – Natasha. W

“Pirate cupcakes arrrh delicious. Treasure chest (mini Mars Bar cut in half with mini M&Ms treasure inside) sits high on buttercream frosting.” – Teresa. D