Let’s have an Octonauts themed party!

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You, our kind fans have sent through great photos from your children’s Octonauts-themed birthday parties, and it seems like there’s so many creative ways to host the best one!

We’re blown away at the effort (and a little jealous at how much fun you all had) you’ve put in to set up these parties. There’s everything from Octonauts ‘sea’ food, décor, piñatas, ingenius Octopods, and incredible homemade birthday cakes!

Have a look through some of these impressive photos, you might even get some ideas for some Octonauts party planning! Thanks again to everyone for sending through their photos!

If you’ve also got some cool photos of your Octonauts-themed party that you’d like to share and add to this post, feel free to send them through to talk@lifeliketouring.com or our Facebook page, “Octonauts Live Australia”.

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