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Easter Monday Magic with Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

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“I’m not stressed”, said no parent ever.

We bet that sometimes, just like in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, you secretly wish that you could just pull out a wand, recite a few spells, and pooof, all the stress from your little ones would disappear. #guilty

Unfortunately, we don’t have the magical powers of the fairies in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, but we do have a few Easter activities that could keep them busy while you relax.

To celebrate Easter, we have a special Easter Activity Workshop only at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne on Monday 28 March. It will be held before every Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live performance. There will be colouring-in sheets – kids can decorate their own Easter bunny colour in, and other cool activities.

In the meantime, you  can relax and stretch your legs before you take your kids to see our Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom – Live on Stage! show.

Haven’t got your tickets? Book yours now at www.benandhollylive.com.au


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