Dora's Pirate Adventure

Dora’s Pirate Adventure sets sail to South African shores

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She’s intrepid and loves a good adventure, who else could it be but Dora the Explorer? Along with her friends, Boots, and her talking purple Back Pack, there is never a dull moment. Now for the first time she’ll be embarking to Durban, Johannesburg and Capetown this June/July, in a live piratey expedition like no other in Dora’s Pirate Adventure.

In this voyage of discovery Dora and her friends will go on an exciting trip to Treasure Island in search of the ultimate pirate party. Getting there will be part of the fun—there will be plenty of map-reading, counting, dancing and singing! Let’s help Dora and her friends.

30 June – 3 July, Durban International Convention Centre (Durban)
7 July – 10 July, Theatre of Marcellus, Emperor’s Palace (Johannesburg)
14 July – 17 July, Grand Arena, Grand West Casino (Cape Town)

South Africa are you ready for Dora’s Pirate Adventure?

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