Chuggington Live! The Great Rescue Adventure refreshed and back on the road

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Chuggington Live! The Great Rescue Adventure has been on a short tour break and it’s now back on the road and coming to you! The live-action, musical children’s show, based on the popular TV series, will excite young fans and their families as they experience the train-tastic adventures of the Chuggington trainees, Wilson, Brewster and Koko.

But the Chuggington trainees need your help!

In this adventure, the trio and their other Chuggington friends are put to the test when Koko finds herself in trouble at Rocky Ridge. It will require them to use all of their trainee skills and knowledge to save her. Do they have what it takes? Can Wilson come to Koko’s rescue and fulfill his dream of becoming Chug Patrol hero?

So Chuggers, let’s help save the day along with all your favourite Chuggington characters, as they sing and dance along to the Chuggington songs you know and love in this fun adventure. There’s the heroic Wilson—who’s always enthusiastic and eager to learn, Brewster—the dependable diesel-electric trainee who likes to make sure his lists are “checked”, and the fearless Koko—she does like a good speedy train race.

But the rest of the Chuggington team are needed to help make this rescue mission a success—Jackman, Hanzo, Zack, Skylar and Calley are just some of the trainees who will be chugging into this adventure.

This brand-new production features beautifully designed Chuggington train carriages live on stage. Coming to life with working mouths, eyes and plenty of traintastic action, these characters will thrill train lovers new and old. A fun, two act musical, this live show is presented before a giant LED video wall featuring animated locations and background action sequences from the popular TV series.

So don’t miss out when The North American premiere tour of Chuggington Live! The Great Rescue Adventure rolls into a town near you.

Are you ready for an action-packed train-tastic adventure?