The Magical Moopaloop Tree

‘Animalia’ author, Graeme Base announces new game app – The Magical Moopaloop Tree

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World-famous children’s author and illustrator, Graeme Base (Animalia) has announced a multiplayer gaming app for families. The family friendly app will see parents and children working together to grow a magical tree, nurturing the Moopaloops (frilled mythical creatures) that live in it and try to hatch all the breeds.

You can play a part in the development of this game by backing the project on Kickstarter, and pick up a reward like personally signed books, poetry, limited edition prints and even a personal book reading with Graeme Base. The first 100 backers also get the app for free when it launches.

So how does the game work?

The Magical Moopaloop Tree produces MoopaGoop as it grows; nectar for Moopaloops. The game starts with a solitary Moopaloop sitting in the tree. Scoop up some MoopaGoop from the mixing buckets with your MoopaScoop and feed her. Apart from the eggs, the natural by-product of feeding Moopaloopas MoopaGoop, is well… MoopaPoop. This is a good thing because the more they poop the tree is fertilised and the bigger it will grow, giving you more space to hang the charms.

The challenge is to see if you can hatch all ten species of Moopaloop, the last one being the Magnificent MegaMoopaloop. If you have 2 minutes while you’re waiting for coffee or an hour on the train, you can equally find plenty to do and improve. If you are 5 or 75 there are so many ways to play and challenge yourself!

Support the project that brings families closer together through play, even when they are apart. Be quick, the Kickstarter campaign is on for only a short time.

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