5 Reasons Why Children’s Theatre is Awesome

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Children’s theatre is one of those unique experiences that transports children into a different world that’s unlike the movies, books or video games. Have you taken your littlies to the theatre? Here’s a few reasons why we think children’s theatre is awesome.

1. Sparks children’s imagination

Theatre shows are all about creativity and story-telling, and being involved in this kind of environment gives children the opportunity to be experimental and original in their thinking; to think outside the box. Perhaps they’ll create a theatre show one day?

2. Greater exposure to the world

In the theatre children are never in the same place, they could be with dinosaurs, sailing with pirates or run away with the circus. While on these journeys they will be exposed to different environments, cultures and places they may not be aware of, fiction and non-fiction.

3. Learning through play

It’s been known that learning is fun when it’s interactive, which is what theatre gives children the opportunity to do through singing, dancing and more. Subconsciously children can pick up new skills in literacy, communication, memory and problem-solving.

4. Brings people together

Theatre is a shared experience for littlies and grown-ups. It brings friends and families together to witness the same show, but the cool thing is everyone takes away a different experience, which could make for conversation at the dinner table.

5. It’s all in the name of fun

Theatre is made to be enjoyed! Children will appreciate the talented actors, singing, dancing, scenery, costumes, story-telling and the feeling of being in a theatre—away from the everyday world.

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