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5 Funny Noises on Peppa Pig

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1. The snort

When you hear it you know it’s Peppa Pig, or one of her family. The piggy sound either makes you want to impersonate it or just turn away. Next time you watch an episode dare yourself to count how many times you hear the snort.

2. The Peppa Pig theme song    

Combine the xylophone sounds and the snorts from Peppa Pig’s family, and you’ve got the unforgettable theme song. Any bet the song is stuck in your head now.

George crying

When George cries, it’s the end of the world. He has a high pitched cry that turns into a little scream, many tears are involved. Bless him. But when he has his dinosaur around the world is all better again.

4. Muddy puddles 

The squishy squelchy sound of muddy puddles is so satisfying for Peppa. It gets messy, but of course as Peppa says “it’s only mud”.

5. Laugh out Loud

Laughing is contagious, pass it on! There are so many moments where Peppa and her friends are in fits of laughter, whether that’s jumping in muddy puddles, sharing jokes or just having fun.

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