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5 Celebrities We Loved on Sesame Street

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It’s a known fact that hundreds of celebrities have appeared on Sesame Street—(by that point you know they’ve made it as a superstar). Has your favourite celebrity made a trip there? Here are a few who we loved!

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1. Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show’s, Jimmy Fallon appeared on Sesame Street in 2013 doing a fun rendition of the Sesame Street theme song. It features The Roots band who frequently add musical buzz to The Tonight Show.

2. Peter Dinklage

You know the face, and you know the guy—probably because you’ve seen him on Game of Thrones recently and a bunch of other movies. During his appearance he sang about the woes of childhood game, Simon Says.

3. Michelle Obama

Asides from her presidential ties, we think she’s one of the coolest First Ladies out there—and not just because she recently appeared on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke sessions or learned how to Snapchat from the boys who started the running challenge. During her Sesame Street appearance she talked about the importance of breakfast with Grover.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch

You know him as the fast talking, overly clever detective on hit TV show, Sherlock. In his appearance he helps solve a numbers mystery with Count Von Count.

5. Bruno Mars

The Uptown Funk singer grooved through the Super Bowl halftime show early this year with musical superstars, Beyonce and Coldplay—pretty cool! On Sesame Street he performed a cute song about not giving up and having a go.

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