Sesame Street Presents Elmo’s World Tour

  • Running time: 55min total
  • Act one: 55min
  • Interval: None

Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Grover, Zoe, Cookie Monster and Elmo use the letters of the alphabet to navigate a voyage through imagination that sees them visiting China, Zambia, France, India and Australia! Elmo and his friends have fun learning how people sing, dance and say hello all over the world. However, things don’t go to plan when Cookie Monster eats the letter “C”. Can Abby Cadabby find the right magic spell to help?

Along the way, audiences will hear a sensational tale from The Count, help some travelling rubber-duckies find a place to stay with Bert and Ernie, and see the Sesame Street gang make a new friend; the gorgeous, gregarious, globe-trotter from the Gold Coast – Lady Baa Baa – proving its more fun to be mutton than lamb. Featuring a bunch of classic Sesame Street songs alongside catchy new tunes, Sesame Street Presents Elmo’s World Tour is sure to delight Sesame Street fans of all ages.

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There are no upcoming tour dates for Sesame Street Presents Elmo’s World Tour.

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