Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of show is this?

Life Like Touring specialises in producing live theatre shows based on top rating television programs for children. Our live theatre shows tour all over the world and feature some of the most loved brands.

What will the show look like?

All our shows are different - they could include full costumed characters, puppets, live actors, animated projections, a combination of everything or even something brand new you may have never seen before. You’ll find photos and video on the specific show page on the Life Like Touring website. If you have specific questions about a show, please contact us.

What age group will enjoy these shows?

Most of our shows are developed for toddlers and pre-schoolers, however a few of our shows are aimed at older, primary school aged children. It’s safe to say that if your child enjoys watching these characters on television, they’ll enjoy watching the live theatre show featuring the same characters they’ve grown to love. We try to add a little something to all our shows so that the whole family will enjoy watching them together.

Where can I buy tickets?

As the promoter, Life Like Touring doesn't sell tickets, we work with professional ticketing companies like Ticketmaster. Please visit the specific show page on the Life Like Touring website and follow the ‘Find Tickets’ link through to purchase your tickets from the venue box office or one of the official ticketing companies.

Where can I find the tour schedule?

On the specific show page on the Life Like Touring website you’ll find the current tour schedule.

What time is the show?

Show times vary from venue to venue. We will usually perform up to three shows in one day, so follow the ‘Find Tickets’ link through from the specific show page on the Life Like Touring website to view the specific show times.

Will more show dates and times be announced any time soon?

New performances are released from time-to-time depending on demand. It’s common for not all performances to be placed on sale when a tour is announced. We would always encourage you to buy your tickets straight away from the available show times, in order to secure the best possible seats. You can always join the Wait List to find out if and when new shows are announced. Should a new time be announced that suits your better, feel free to purchase your tickets again, then contact us for a refund on any tickets you no longer need.

Why isn’t this show coming to my town?

Touring is a costly business, and as such, its not always possible to take every show to every town. Sometimes we have a very short window to get a show in and out of the country. Other times we are limited by the availability of a venue in a particular area, as all of our shows require a full theatre in which to perform in.

How much do tickets cost?

Ticket prices vary and are organised into different categories. Please visit the specific show page on the Life Like Touring website and follow the ‘Find Tickets’ link through to check ticket prices.

What’s the difference between ticket categories?

Tickets are grouped into four categories; Platinum, Gold, A-Reserve and B-Reserve; based on their proximity to the stage, and are priced accordingly. So Platinum tickets are closer than Gold. Gold tickets are closer than A-Reserve, and so on. Platinum tickets also include an extra post-show experience, please refer to the next question.

What’s included in a Platinum ticket?

Platinum tickets holders are allocated the best available seating, and will also be given the opportunity to join the other Platinum customers to meet the star after the show. You will need to hold a Platinum Ticket for everyone in your group, both adults and children. Wait in your seats after the show has ended and follow the direction of venue staff. Please hold on to your tickets as you will need these to participate in the post-show experience. Please be sure to bring your own camera or have your smart phone ready, and remember that time is somewhat limited when meeting the star of the show. Every Platinum experience is different so please contact us if you have a specific question.

I can’t find any tickets for a particular show. How can I get them?

Tickets are limited, and as such can be sold out. Platinum tickets are the most popular and always the first to go, especially for those performances that are released first, or take place earlier in the day. Please try looking for the tickets you want at an alternative time or date. If you would like to check what is the best show time and ticket category for you, or if any new shows or tickets will be released, please contact us.

Is there a difference between adults and children's tickets?

No, both adults and children’s tickets are considered the same.

At what age do I need to purchase a ticket for my children?

You do not need to buy for a ticket for babies under 12 months of age, providing they do not occupy a seat. Everyone else needs their own ticket, and will be allocated a seat.

Can I bring my child in a pram, stroller or buggy?

Whilst we encourage you to leave the pram at home, we understand that this is not always possible. Different venues have different rules. Whilst most venues will not allow you to bring a pram into the auditorium (we need to keep the aisles clear in case of an emergency) you will find they have a complimentary pram parking area in the foyer. It’s best to check with the venue by giving them a call the day before the show.

Will there be merchandise on sale at the show?

Yes, there will always be a merchandise stand setup for you to buy a souvenir on the day. Typical merchandise may include a poster, t-shirt, plush toy, activity book, show bag and/or light-up toy. Merchandise does vary from show to show and from venue to venue, depending on what is available at the time. Cost can also vary but merchandise generally ranges in price from AU$10-$40. We prefer cash although there are usually card payment facilities.

I have an issue with some merchandise I purchased at the show. Can you help me?

Sure. Please contact us and we’ll help resolve any problem that you may have.

I’d like to purchase some merchandise but I’m not attending a show. Can I purchase something from you?

Sorry, merchandise is only available to customers who attend the live show.

How long does the live show run for?

Please check the running time on the specific show page on the Life Like Touring website. Our shows run for at least one hour, some even longer. They may also be broken up into two acts and include a brief interval, or short break in the middle.

Why was there an interval during the show?

Performing in costumes can be hard work. An interval is sometimes necessary to allow for the performers to safely have a rest break, or to reset the stage, adjust sets, lighting or change costumes or actors. It is unusual for an interval to last longer than 15 or 20 minutes.

I have purchased the wrong tickets. Can I get some help here?

Sure. Please contact us and we’ll help you get hold of the right tickets you need.

Can i get a refund?

If you find seats or another show time that suits you better, feel free to purchase your tickets again, then contact us for a refund on any tickets you no longer need. We are also happy to allow you to swap your tickets to another performance if something comes up, simply contact the outlet you purchased the tickets from and they’ll oblige. Please note that refunds cannot be authorised simply because you changed your mind, or decided not to attend. Refunds will only be considered if for some reason beyond our control, a show is not performed in its entirety. Please contact us if you need to discuss this further.